Saturday, May 10, 2008

DNS-323 Firmware 1.05b28 is out!

The official 1.05 firmware for the DNS-323 is finally out over at the SG support website. The most significant change is the inclusion of a bittorrent client in the firmware! Not that it matters to me since I already use mldonkey but hey, its progress...

Anyways, the upgrade was uneventful (thank goodness for that!) and my data remains intact. It was a heart stopping ten minutes watching the progress bar inch towards completion as I had forgotten to pull out the backup drive from the device before I hit the enter key and a reformat would had been disastrous! (Note to self: time to get my remote backup going!)

Oh, one thing to note about flashing firmware, apparently, it will remove all your samba shares so you have to manually set them up all over again after the flash.

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Dan said...

Keen to know if you've compared the performance of the BitTorrent within the firmware to the mldonkey.

I'm using mldonkey 2.9.5 and it's using most of the CPU and memory so have been waiting to see if this "enhancement" will help that issue.

Any info you can post would be greatly appreciated.