Saturday, May 24, 2008

DD-WRT TX errors and v24 upgrade

Recently, my wireless router (running DD-WRT v24 RC6) had been experiencing a high number of TX errors (around 10 per sec!). And the weird thing is that I did not even have wireless clients active then. At first I thought it was due to the interference from a new neighborhood WAP that is running on the same channel. But even after I switched away to an unused channel, the TX errors did not go down.

So I pop over to the forums and did a quick search on this topic but unfortunately found nothing helpful. Seeing that the final release version for v24 is out (for just a couple of days actually), I took the plunge and did the upgrade hoping that this will solve the problem.

The process went well and was completed in under 10 mins from the time I started downloading the new firmware to my router back up and running on the new version. Even my old settings remained intact. I'm impressed.

However, the upgrade failed to solve my TX errors problem. The count did drop somewhat (its now happening at a rate of 1-2 errors per min) but it is still happening even when I have no active clients. If anyone has any idea where that is coming from, please drop me a clue. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Same issue here. Looks like Sensitivity Range (ACK Timing) can be set to proper distance or 0 (for off).

Anonymous said...

Setting the Sensitivity Range (ACK Timing) to 0 fixed it for me too.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to comment that this post was helpful. I also set my ACK Timing to 0 and it fixed the TX errors.