Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jarrett having fever...

Here is our poor Jarrett running a high fever of 39 degrees Celsius plus the usual accompaniment of flu and cough. Doc says its a throat infection (so there! Its not because we brought him swimming two days back) and we have to watch him closely for the next couple of days for signs of worsening (e.g. vomiting).

As far back as I can recall, this is the first major illness he is going through and we can clearly see the effects it is having on him; tiredness (it was a first that he fell asleep all by himself on the couch last night!), the constant coughing and wheezing and even losing his little voice... a heart-breaking sight even for third time parents like us.

But our boy is one tough cookie. He did fuss alittle over the discomfort but most of the time, he is his usual self playing and interacting with us although with a lot less energy. Even when it comes to medication, he takes them like a little man and happily gulp down whatever we gave... including the aweful tasting antibiotics! Yes, I know its aweful because I tried it before! Well done soldier!

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