Friday, November 13, 2009

Upgrading SqueezeCenter to SqueezeBoxServer

Logitech has released an upgrade of SqueezeCenter (now called SqueezeBoxServer btw) and here are the steps for upgrading from version 7.3.2 to 7.4.1.

  1. Uninstall SqueezeCenter 7.3.2
    # /ffp/sbin/funpkg -r squeezecenter-7.3.2-1.tgz
  2. Upgrade and install additional necessary Perl packages
    # wget -r -l1 --no-parent -A.tgz
    # /ffp/sbin/funpkg -u *.tgz
    # /ffp/sbin/funpkg -i *.tgz

  3. Install SqueezeBoxServer 7.4.1
    # wget wget
    # /ffp/sbin/funpkg -i squeezeboxserver-7.4.1-1.tgz

A couple of things to note:
  1. SqueezeBoxServer installs to /ffp/lib/squeezeboxserver and /ffp/etc/squeezeboxserver.
  2. You can delete any remainings of /ffp/lib/squeezecenter and /ffp/etc/squeezecenter.
  3. Before starting squeezecenter, it's safest to reset the database using /ffp/sbin/ Note that all your previous settings are preserved but your music library will be rescanned.
  4. Change the symlink for the logs in /ffp/var/log
    # rm /ffp/var/log/squeezecenter
    #ln -s /ffp/lib/squeezeboxserver/Logs /ffp/var/log/squeezeboxserver

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kids - Joel's K2 Graduation Concert 2009

Actual dance performance :5 minutes
Actual day preparation :4 hours
Dance practice :8 weeks
Muvee of the whole event :timeless