Friday, January 11, 2008

bittorent on the DNS-323

Found out that the latest season of Lost (season 4) has started in the US hence decided to expedite my plans to get mldonkey up and running on the DNS-323 :)

Thanks to shadowandy and his work, getting this done was a piece of cake. Simply download one of his packages and follow the instructions on his blog.

In my case, I chose version 2.9.3 lite as I only wanted bittorrent and nothing else. I also needed to do some DIY as the package included fun_plug which I already have installed and configured to my liking. Here are the stuff I did:
  1. Unpack the archive in a temp folder.
  2. Copy the binary ./lnx_bin/mlnet to the /mnt/HD_a2/fun_plug.d/bin directory.
  3. Copy the script to the /mnt/HD_a2/fun_plug.d/start directory (or use my enhanced script).
  4. Telnet into the DNS-323 as root.
  5. CD into the directory where the script lives (i.e. /mnt/HD_a2/fun_plug.d/start)
  6. Change the user and group to that of root (i.e. chown root.root
  7. Set the right permissions (i.e. chmod 770
  8. Edit the script to reflect the appropriate paths to the mlnet runtime and log files.
  9. Run the script and after a couple of seconds you will see three new processes (run the command ps -ef grep mlnet) and a new folder (/mnt/HD_a2/mldonkey) created.
  10. Next just follow the rest of the instructions found here (under "Initial Setup").
  11. Set allowed IPs to include PCs on your local network (i.e. set allowed_ips "")
  12. The web GUI for mldonkey is found on port 4080 by default.

Note that if you do the above, mldonkey will start automatically on every reboot (due to the excutable script in the fun_plug.d/start directory). To shutdown mldonkey properly, you will need to telnet in (local host at port 4000), authenticate as admin and execute the command kill.


Anonymous said...

when I want to start mlnet i get the following error:

root@ch3snas:/mnt/HD_a2/ffp/start# mlnet
2008/09/10 18:53:56 [cO] Starting MLDonkey 2.9.5 ...
2008/09/10 18:53:56 [cO] Language EN, locale UTF-8, ulimit for open files 1024
2008/09/10 18:53:56 [cO] MLDonkey is working in /home/root/.mldonkey

2008/09/10 18:53:56 [cO] creating new MLDonkey base directory in /home/root/.mldonkey

2008/09/10 18:53:56 [Gettext] Loading language resource mlnet_strings.en_US
2008/09/10 18:53:56 [cO] loaded language resource file
2008/09/10 18:53:56 [DNS] Resolving [ch3snas] ...
2008/09/10 18:53:57 [DNS] Resolving [] ...
2008/09/10 18:53:57 [cInt] WARNING: Directory /home/root/.mldonkey is full, MLDonkey shuts down

2008/09/10 18:53:57 WARNING: Directory /home/root/.mldonkey is full, MLDonkey shuts down

any idea what that means?

Sidney said...

Looks like you have forget to set the working directory for mldonkey to a folder on your harddisk.

By default, it will use the running user's home directory. In this case, it will be root. And in the DNS-323, the problem is that root's home directory is setup in RAM which means you have like less than 64MB!

To save you the hassle, download and use my version of the script.

Anonymous said...

acutally I did use your script (as well as the short, original version after it failed) but both failed with the same error.
the only thing I changed in your script was substitute "/mnt/HD_a2/fun_plug.d/" by "/mnt/HD_a2/ffp/"
since this is the correct path for my funplug installation.
I see no way to change paths to the correct user's home dir in the