Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Unicode support in XBMC

I managed to get my XBMC up and running for awhile now and so far it works great as my video, music and photo gallery player... Until I start browsing into my chinese collection that is. Apparently, the stock XBMC installation does not come with Unicode support. I'm guessing this is due to copyright issues with the font type involved?

Anyway, the fix is relatively straight-forward; simply replace the default arial.ttf font with the unicode version found in any Windows XP and up installation, then change the xbmc skin font to arial ttf. Detailed steps as follows:
  1. Locate the font arialuni.ttf in Windows XP c:\windows\fonts.
  2. FTP arialuni.ttf to e:\xbmc\media\fonts on the Xbox.
  3. rename e:\xbmc\media\fonts\arial.ttf to arial.ttf.bak.
  4. In same directory rename arialuni.ttf to arial.ttf.
  5. Exit FTP; launch XBMC
  6. Go to Settings --> Appearance --> change the skin fonts to arial ttf and you are done!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this sounds like a solution I've been trying to fix in XBMC for my chinese char display! will try it out.