Tuesday, February 26, 2008

MySQL on the DNS-323 possible? YES!

Finally! Someone took the effort to create a native compilation of mySQL for the DNS-323! See details here. Will give it a spin and file a field report next week when I'm back from my business trip in Auckland.

This is good news. Next up, Perl 5.8.3 support and we can then reposition the DNS-323 as a SOHO App/DB server! :)


Johnny said...

So did you get MySQL workning?

Sidney said...

Unfortunately no. I did try to look at it when I came back but it wasn't as straight forward as I thought. (see the forum thread) Will probably give it another go when I have more time (and when there is a pressing need to run a db on the box!)

Amber said...

i'd say performance would be prohibitive because of the memory limit (it is 32Megs in my DNS313, I suppose the 323 is alike?). Constant swapping would pretty much prevent any useful database performance.

On that note, i'd look at sqlite.

But then, I'm no fan of php :)