Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Upgrading DNS-323 firmware to 1.06

I knew about the existence of the new firmware when I bumped up the capacity of the NAS a couple of weeks ago. However, I resisted the upgrade as none of the changes/fixes mentioned in the release notes (see below) interests me.

Just today, while troubleshooting slowness in browsing files on my NAS from my Vista laptop, I came across the news release for Samba 3.2 which states better integration and support Vista (and Server 2008!). Hoping that the new firmware will have incorporated this version (or later), I decided to give it a shot and upgraded the firmware tonight.

Like my previous upgrade, the process is straight forward and quick; just download the file, unpacked it into a temporary folder, and upload it to the DNS-323 using the web admin console.

After a mandatory reboot, my NAS is happily running v1.06. Unfortunately, Dlink has chosen not to touch the Linux kernel nor the Samba server hence they remain as version and 3.0.24 respectively. Looks like if I want to give the new 3.2.x a spin, I'm going to have to go the route of replacing the stock Samba server with fonz's package!

DNS-323 Firmware 1.06 Release Notes

Feature Additions:
1. Supports 1.5 TB Hard Drives
2. USB port supports UPS monitoring
3. Add option to Manually or Automatically Rebuild Raid
4. UPnP AV supports Microsoft XBoX 360, Sony PlayStation 3
5. Support FTP over SSL/TLS
6. Add Unicode support to FTP Server
7. Email Alerts supports Gmail

Function Changes:
1. Turn off Fan at low system temperature
2. Disable UPnP AV Server and iTunes Server by default.
3. Remove static DNS from the DDNS server provider list
4. Remove the DDNS Timeout setting from GUI, and change the Status design. fixed timeout timer as 576 hours
5. Remove the Auto Refresh Timer option for UPnP AV and iTunes Server, instantly Auto Refresh by default.
6. More user friendly Time Settings GUI design

Bug fixes:
1. Fix BT downloaded files sometimes are unable to be deleted
2. UPnP AV support large file (over 4GB)
3. Fix 1st HDD unable to sleep
4. Fix HDD cannot hibernate if UPnP AV or iTunes Server is enabled
5. Time stamp of files are incorrect when DST is enabled


bug? said...

Did you notice if it actually turns the fan off, with the new firmware? Might be enough to get me to upgrade too :)

Sidney said...

Well, in my case, the fan will never turn off as the box runs above 43 degrees C all the time! (see below for detailed release notes on the firmware from the AU support site)

BTW, if you are only after the fan control function, you can also try out the fancontrol ffp package as an alternative to upgrading firmware.

DNS-323 Firmware Release Notes

Firmware: 1.06

- 1st HDD unable to sleep issue.
- FixedBT downloaded files are unable to be deleted sometimes.
- Auto Refresh of UPnP AV/iTunes Server working not properly.
- unable to show DDNS status.
- XBox 360 fails to play media files when the device's IP address includes '0'.
- UPnP AV Large file( > 4GB) issue.
- Time stamp of files are incorrect when DST is enabled.
- Hotplugging a drive causes 1st HDD unable to sleep issue.
- Hotplugging a drive causes sending alert email continually.
- Print server failed to work after formatting Volume_1.

- Support XBox 360
- FTP Server support SSL/TLS.
- Turn off Fan when the system temperature reached 43 degress Celcius : 43(OFF), 46(LOW), 49(HIGH).
- Support UPS except Tripp Lite UPS.
- FTP Server support Unicode.
- Time Settings GUI redesign for more user friendly consideration.
- Disabled UPnP AV Server and iTunes Server by default.
- Change Web UI descriptions.
- Add Auto Rebuild and Manually Rebuild(default).
- Updates BT binary from Bittorrent.
- PnP-X Driver support Vista x64, both AMD64 CPU and Intel 64 CPU work fine.
- DDNS : changes minimum Timeout setting from 1 hr to 24 hrs to reduce DDNS Server loading.
- Changes Web GUI logout layout as same as DNS-343 and modify several error descriptions (i.e "your 'game server' no matter what your IP address is.")
- Support Gmail.
- Support 1.5TB HDD.
- Support PS/3.
- UPnP AV/iTunes Server : removes Auto Refresh button, set Auto Refresh by default.
- PnP-X Driver support two Volumes.

bug? said...

Mine's reading 38'C, so I might try the firmware upgrade. Although I'm using ffp - I try to stick to things delivered by the manufacturer when it comes to hardware related things such as fan control, cpu speed etc :)

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

The fan control does work. I have mine set to power down the drives after a period of time. When the drives are powered down, the fan also stops and the unit is silent.

Anonymous said...

when upgrading the firmware, do you lose all the data on your drives?

Sidney said...

NO, it will not if you are upgrading from 1.05. For lower versions, I cannot be sure as my own experience is limited to 1.05 -> 1.06 only.

AZdre said...

so... Does anyone know if I can use the print server and the UPS monitoring if I use a USB hub or spliter of some sort?