Saturday, March 21, 2009

Using all 5 ports of a WRT54G for LAN?

If you are not using a WRT54G as a gateway (i.e. solely as a LAN switch and/or WAP and/or WDS), you can convert the WAN port on the router to a LAN port and have five wired devices connecting to your LAN via the wired ports on the WRT54G instead of four!

To work this magic, you will first need to flash the WRT54G to a third party firmware (e.g. tomato) that allows you to telnet into the box.

Once you have done that, telnet into the box and issue the following commands:
  • nvram set vlan0ports="0 1 2 3 4 5*"
  • nvram set vlan1ports="5"
  • nvram commit
  • reboot
Now you can use your WAN port to uplink to your core switch or gateway and keep the four LAN ports free for your other devices!

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