Friday, March 20, 2009

Finally found a cheap solution to extending my wireless coverage on level 3!

Recently, I discovered just how cheap it is to finally fixed the lack of wireless coverage at the top floor of my home... at just S$30! The solution? A second hand WRT54G v2.2 wireless router running Tomato configured as a secondary AP.

Originally, I had wanted to run it in WDS mode but realized that I have a problem with placement (its out of reach from my primary AP signal) and didn't like the fact that throughput will be halved.

Luckily, I have a HomePlug network in place hence I just replaced the LAN switch in my study with the WRT54G now doubling as the LAN switch plus secondary AP hooked into the home network via the HomePlug. (Configuration details of my WRT54G can be found here.)

There are plenty of used WRT54G wireless routers for sale on local forum marketplaces like HWZ and VR-Zone and S$30 appears to be the going rate. Do note that if you wish to run a third party firmware (like Tomato) on the WRT54G, be sure that you are getting the hardware revisions 1 to 4 only. Anything higher is not supported.


Anonymous said...

ddwrt is a good firmware for the wtr54g.

The Micro version works on wrt54g routers up to version 5.# easily.

I think works on higher ones too.

Even with the non-linux booloader.

Sidney said...

I was a former DD-WRT user actually. And to be honest, I think the user interface is more logical too. The reason why I switched was because it caused problems with my QoS on my Buffalo. For the ease of management, I kinda decided to stick to Tomato for the WRT54G too.