Saturday, April 5, 2008

Flashing WHR-HP-G54 with DD-WRT

Flashing the WHR-HP-G54 WiFi router with DD-WRT turned out to be a five mins job:

  1. Download the firmware (I used DD-WRT v24 RC6.2 VPN version)
  2. Restore the router to factory settings (using the web console interface is the easiest)
  3. Physically connect the PC and router together with one Ethernet cable
  4. Prepare the PC for connection (setting the static IP and subnet mask
  5. Send the firmware to the router using TFTP during the router's bootup window (this is the tricky part)
  6. If successful, the router will reboot and you can then access the new web console at IP using the username "root" and default password "admin". Remember to reset your PC's LAN settings to DHCP first!

Detailed steps for flashing the WHR-HP-G54 with DD-WRT can be found here. For details on DD-WRT and what you can do with it, look here. For details on DD-WRT for WHR-HP-G54, look here.

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