Friday, March 21, 2008

Lunch at Fish Mart?

When I first heard that I'm going to Fish Mart for lunch, I went "Do we need to wear wellies and overalls?" Luckily, as it turns out, Fish Mart is really Fish Mart Sakuraya, the name of of a restaurant cum Japanese food mart. Its appeal is in its quality and freshness of the sashimi hence the name I suppose.

Fish Mart has two outlets in Singapore; Village Centre and Parkway Parade. Since it's a work day today, we ended up in the western branch which is in Village Centre. The shop front is pretty big but much of it is dedicated to its food mart section leaving only a handful of table and chairs crammed in a corner for dine-in customers. Reservation is therefore recommended.

In terms of the menu, there really isn't much variety as the focus is on the sashimi and sushi; There are no chicken or beef items nor set meals with rice or noodles. They do have plain udon and soba (hot only) though. So if you are bringing guests, make sure they are ok with raw fish else they will find it a challenge to fill their bellies.

In terms of pricing, I find that they are a tad expensive. Imagine three pieces of ebi tempura going for S$7 and S$8 for a bowl of plain udon. Pricing for the sashimi is however quite reasonable given the freshness.

My overall experience has been pleasant (partly due to good company) but if I ever visit the shop again, it will probably not be due to my suggestion.

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