Thursday, December 20, 2007

Home delivery... The big move... And hello new home!

We finally decided to put aside the problems with the third storey and move into our new house anyway; its just too inconvenient for a family of five to cram into a one bedroom apartment. Moreover, we couldn't push back the delivery of the stuff we ordered for the new place much longer. And lastly, we promised little Joel that he will be spending his fourth birthday (which is tomorrow!) in the new house and we didn't want to disappoint him.

We managed to cram the delivery of our new sofa, dining, bed, washer, fridge and TV all within the last few days in preparation for our move today. Other than the magazine storage of the sofa set and fridge, all other items were delivered in good condition. Thank goodness for that.

So early this morning, we deposited the kids at my parents and started packing up for the move. Yeah, we should have done the packing way in advance but there just isn't enough room in the studio apartment to fit three hyper-active kids and all the packed boxes.

We didn't engage any professional help for the move as we are not bringing any furniture or bulky items over. We also did not need to rope in any friends to help as we have been moving stuff to the new house during the last few visits. I've also finally managed to exercise the value of my SUV purchase earlier this year and boy am I pleasantly surprised at the amount of stuff that the CX-7 can hold; It took us only four trips to move nearly all our essentials. And this is including a ladder, bamboo sticks and a five-tier toyoga storage drawers!

We took the whole morning to pack followed by the whole afternoon to unpack. And boy what tough work it was moving stuff up and down six flights of stairs! I can already imagine my thighs and bum getting their much needed workout in the coming days... Its also at this time did I realize just how much stuff we (or should I say my kids) have. I am definitely not looking forward to doing this again anytime soon!

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