Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cracks in the walls + 6 days of endless rain + useless MA = big nightmare

What a week... Rain poured continuously for the past 6 days with just the occasional clear sky in between. And what timing too... It has to be right at the end of my renovation works at my new place to reveal the multiple points of water seepage problems in the house. And there goes my freshly painted walls and nicely varnished flooring...

Filed a repair form at the management office only to be told that "external walls are out of warranty" and I'm to find my own solution to the problem... WTF?! Even if its "out of warranty", its part of their scope of work to repair since external walls are considered part of the common property. "No sir" he says "not in this estate". WTF?!x2

Not believing that this should be the case, I subsequently called up the developer, main contractor, and even the BCA. After explaining my situation, all provided me with lots of information (some valid, some relevant but none of which will solve my problem).

In the meantime, I also inquired with a few waterproofing specialist on the cost of repairs and was dismayed to find that its not only expensive ($6k for 3 cracks?!), these so-called specialist won't guarantee that they can fix the problem for good. Experts my foot.

Finally, out of desperation, I decided to call the head office of the MA to give the manager a piece of my mind regarding the crap her guy is dishing me. She offered to take up my case and seek MC's approval to engage someone to repair the cracks. Now we are talking...

The bad news is, the MC don't meet till Jan 08 (and they probably will deliberate over a few weeks before arriving at any conclusion, which may not even be in my favor) and with the weather like this for the next couple of months (monsoon season you see), I think I'm better off paying for the repairs now then to pay for the interior damages later. So either way, I'm screwed. Welcome to the shitty world of strata title living.

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