Thursday, November 29, 2007

No unicode support in DNS-323 firmware 1.03! *GASP*HORROR*

Up until a few days ago, I've only been toying around with the box by installing fonz's fun_plug and experimenting with the various mods and configurations. Thinking that I've got the hang of it, I decided that its time to move my data in and set it up for "production" use.

Having full confidence in the box, I simply drag and drop the files into the share folders and went about my merry way. Half a day later (yes, it took that long to transfer some 130GB of data over a 100Mbps network), the transfer was completed and I was about to delete the files in the source folders when it struck me to check on the results of the copy.

To my horror, files and folders with chinese characters did not make it across successfully and I ended up with corrupted names instead. What's even worse is that these files cannot be deleted via the Windows GUI or even by telnet!

Did a quick check on google and found out that the current firmware (1.03) does not support unicode! WTF?! Searching the D-link SG support website revealed a beta firmware (1.04b63) that claims to provide support for the thai language. Figuring that since both Thai and Chinese are both East Asian languages, chances of this beta firmware working for me should be rather high.

So I took the plunge, downloaded the firmware, flashed it on my box, reformatted the drives and started the file copy again (while holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed!). Luckily, things worked out as planned and I am now a happy bunny again :)

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