Saturday, November 10, 2007

DNS-323 email alert settings

The DNS-323 features an alerting feature where emails are sent from the box automatically under the following conditions:
  • regular intervals reporting disk usage
  • when a volume is full
  • a hard drive has failed
  • the admin password has changed
  • firmware has been upgraded
  • system temperature has exceeded a user-defined limit

Excellent! I did not quite expect monitoring features for such a cheap and home biased device. So I looked through the configuration and figured that its a piece of cake putting in the required fields for my email hosting provider. Note that you will not be able to use any email provider that requires

  1. logging into incoming mail server before sending mail; and/or
  2. mail servers that requires an encrypted connection (e.g. SSL, TLS), and/or
  3. mail servers that uses non-default ports.

However, upon clicking the "Test E-mail" button, all I got was a pop-up window that kept saying "Test E-Mail: Failure". After some digging around the forum, I finally found the problem: You have to set the "Sender E-mail" and "Receiver E-mail" fields to have the same value! Sigh... what's the point of having two fields if you can only input one value there?

Great feature but the implementation really need some more work Dlink...

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