Thursday, September 20, 2007

Japanese charcoal grill anyone?

Last night I had the opportunity to dine at a restaurant called Aburiya along Robertson Quay courtesy of our vendor IBM. It was my first time trying out Yakiniku and I must say its quite an experience.

The setting of this restaurant is nice and cosy and the service is prompt and polite. The novelty is in the grill, which is fired by charcoal instead of the hotplate that you see so often in other restaurants. The only complaint is the bench and tight leg room which gets rather uncomfortable after prolonged sitting. Given the slow pace of the meal as you slowly grill your food to perfection (unless you like your food raw!), you will likely find yourself squirming in your seat towards the end of the meal.

Moving onto the food, the Horenso Salad was very yummy, with luscious green spinach leaves. For meat, we had the little chunks of wagyu beef (must try!), other not so famous parts of a cow (but still good!), scallops and tiger prawns with shio and butter marinate. We also ordered the Onigiri, which should be the first thing you put on the grill if you like it to be nice and crispy.

Reservations at the restaurant is a must especially on weekends where you will probably want to book at least 2-3 days in advance. Aburiya has a few outlets in Singapore but I will probably be coming back to this one due to cosy, relaxed atmosphere along the river. Oh, just one thing though, if you drive a SUV/MPV or any large car, try to avoid the carpark in Robertson Quay itself due to the horribly tight ramp plus ridiculously positioned pillars. Much better alternatives are available in the Gallery Hotel next to it or the URA lots by the side of the road.

17E Lorong Liput Holland Village Tel 6464 6536
60 Robertson Quay #01-03 The Quayside Tel: 6735 4862

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