Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bye bye Comex... and hello Sitex!

Yes, Comex is finally over and what a show it was. As usual, traffic (both car and human) was a big big problem causing lots of jams and unnecessary waiting in and around town.

As with other shows this year, I chose to go on the last day and not take my car along; a good time to get some much needed exercise anyway :) The crowd both along the way from Raffles City and in Suntec itself isn't all that bad this year; not many places where you need to get up close and personal with strangers and no weird smells to challenge your nose with. Trust me, thats a good thing. No such luck on the way home however, as I stupidly forgotten the golden rule of not taking any bus that throng through little india on a weekend night. (Why? try it and find out for yourself!)

The show itself was pretty good this year. It occupied the whole of the 3rd level concourse, 4th and 6th level halls. Layout was much better than previous shows at suntec, with lots of space to move around. All the usual suspects were present, but Sony made a huge showing by taking the whole of the lvl 3 concourse. In fact, if you are taking the MRT to the show, you would have noticed the huge number of Sony ads along CityLink Mall. They even had this huge feature wall near HMV where they showcased almost all of Sony's range of products. And I'm talking about the real products mind you!

HTC had quite a large booth in front on level 4 but I don't see much people there. I bet the situation would be reversed if only they had taken the opportunity to launch the much anticipated HTC Kaiser at the show. I know I would have gotten one there and then, even without discounts or freebies!

As with other shows nowadays, the common products are LCD/Plasma TVs, DI/DV cameras, notebooks, printers, portable media players, memory cards and external USB/Firewire harddrives.

SOHO NAS products are starting to gain popularity. At this show, I spotted at least 4 entry level offerings. Best bang for the buck at this show will have to go to Dlink's DNS 323 at $259 (usual is $481!). It was so popular that I'm on backorder for 6-8 weeks! Hopefully, the price don't come crashing down before I even get my hands on my purchase!

Well, that about sums up my take on this show. I'm now eagerly waiting for the next upcoming show Sitex 2007. This will be held at Expo (yeah!) from the 29th Nov to 2nd Dec. Hopefully I can hold out till then to get started on my HTPC project!

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