Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Diamond TIP: Word completion annoyance

It is nice of HTC to add a couple of its own SIP (i.e. Compact QWERTY, Full QWERTY and Phone Keypad) in the Diamond that even comes with word completion feature. But it isn't nice of them to do this at the expense of the built-in ones - Have you noticed that the word completion feature in the built-in SIPs (like keyboard and block recognizer) now no longer works?

What ticks me off most is that the settings for word completion for these stock SIPs still exist in the options screen hence giving the false impression that it must be something I did which caused it not to work. (That's a -1 for you HTC)

After countless futile attempts at configuring whatever options I can find related to word completion, I gave up. Did a google on this problem (should have done this in the first place) and found the cause as well as the not-so-perfect fix for this. Why not-so-perfect? Because its a case of one or the other; you can have word completion in either the HTC SIPs or the stock SIPs, but not both. (That's -2!)

Made your choice? If you are still keen on having word completion for the stock SIPs, follow the steps below:

IMPORTANT: be sure that HKLM\Software\Tegic\eT9\XT9SupportMSSip has a value of 0.

Change these two registry keys under:
HKLM\system\currentcontrolset\control\layouts\e 0010409
  • Value of Ime File from \windows\xt9ime.dll to \windows\compime.dll
  • Value of Layout Text from XT9 IME to COMP IME

And soft reset. To revert back, simply reverse the steps above.


Anonymous said...

i did this and the qwerty keyboard doesnt work anymore. i reversed everything back to how it was and did a soft reset. still doesnt work can you help

Richard said...

Cool, thanks - works well!

Desmond said...

I really want Word Completion with Block Recognizer on my Touch Pro. This is my first Windows Mobile device. What registry editor do you recommend to make the changes?

Anonymous said...

Oh man! I really miss the Word Completion in my new ATT HTC Fuze after I upgraded from my Cingular 8125.

I'd like to try the above registry tweak, but I'm not sure how to get to REGEDIT on the phone ... or is this something I do on the PC with which the phone sync's?

Thanks for your help!
-- DaveSlash

Anonymous said...

I just performed this on the AT&T-branded Fuze, and it works beautifully!

And, my full QWERTY still functions AND has word completion enabled.

Woo hoo!

E said...

Oh this sounds like it really works...but I have no idea what any of that registry stuff means....is there any way you can explain it in a different, simpler way?! thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much... it worked perfectly!

PJ said...

Worked for me... tried everything on XDA and under the sun trying to get my suggested words without using the (in my opinion) severly annoying HTC T9. This was the first and only thing that worked for my Fuze.