Thursday, June 12, 2008

Woot! I got my Diamond!

Ok, so I did say before that I am not likely to get this device. But... but.. the deal was just too good to resist. Check this out... The HTC Touch Diamond was launched today in conjunction with the PC Show and there are quite a few retailers promoting it at the show. The price was mostly fixed at RRP which is S$1098 and no freebies to boot.

However, Singtel came along and spoilt the whole market by offering it at... get this... S$498 with a free leather case, a second battery and SPB traveler or organizer pack. (with the mandatory 2 years contract of course) That is close to 50% off RRP and with freebies!

I was at the PC Show shopping for a laptop but ended up buying the phone instead. I figured that with the second battery, it should solve my power issue some what. In the event that it doesn't, I can always pass it to my wife when the HTC Touch Pro is released. Given the tiny form factor (it is even smaller than her current Nokia!) and the improved usability (not to mention the eye candy), she will feel right at home with it. :)

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